STFU 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Tis the season, my friends!

This time of year is my absolute favorite! Not only because it’s a time of reflection, but also because it’s a time to openly spread love to the special people in your life. That being said, finding the right gift for that sometimes very long list of people can feel extremely consuming! To make your life a little easier, I thought I’d share all of my personal favorites rounded up into one guide

The list below holds items I love & use regularly, favorites that I personally am gifting to others, & of course things that are on my wish list as well! These gift ideas range in prices. So whether you’re looking for the big-daddy-whammy “omg I can’t believe you got me this” gift, or that special little stocking stuffer, you’ll find it here!

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I’ve separated the gift ideas by different categories to make browsing a breeze! Just click on the item you have your eyes on for that special someone (or yourself!) & it will open you up in a new page. I hope this makes your gift-giving this season easier & that much more enjoyable!

*Prices may vary due to sales, holidays, etc.

Happy Holidays sweet humans!

For Those In Need

During this time of year (& lets be honest, year-round,) it’s easy to get caught up in our own little bubbles, consumerism & the need for more more more. I thought instead of ONLY listing materialist items on my guide I would add some organizations that are close to my heart & gift ideas for people who are in need of some extra love, not just around the holidays but year-round.

Send a Brandless Box to someone in need! Brandless builds direct relationships with their suppliers, eliminating all extra costs associated with unnecessary mark-ups on quality products! Making ALL of their goods only $3. They have everything from GF baking mixes, organic coffee, oatmeal, non-toxic household & kitchen products, organic linens, health + personal care items, & even stationary! Click here to build a box for a person or family you know needs a little extra this year + get $12 off your first order of over $39 & free shipping.

American Foundation For Suicide Prevention - By bringing Mental Illness out of the shadows & into the forefront of our thoughts & fundraising efforts, we will decrease the stigma associated with these diseases. Those who are impacted should have hope, NOT SHAME. Treatment, not rejection. Those with depression or an anxiety disorder deserve the same support & hope that someone suffering from Breast Cancer is afforded.

Shatterproof - Roughly 1 in 10 people struggle with some level of substance abuse & ONE HUNDRED people die every single day from drug overdoes. By addressing gaps in both funding & resourcing, this nonprofit is hoping to help reduce the number of addicted Americans & drug-related deaths by 50% over the next 20 years. Shatterproof has also launched events in 30 cities across the country to help reduce the stigma of addiction.

Life Time Foundation - Kids need to be fueled with nourishing food to grow properly, fuel their growing brains, & have the energy they need! Life Time is committed to removing the Harmful 7 Ingredients of Concern from the School Food Program. They believe that the food served in our school systems should fuel children’s brains & bodies, not harm them. This foundation helps put REAL, whole foods on kids plates.

Gifts To Pamper



Kitchen+Home Goods

  • The Almond Cow - $195

    The first plant-based milk machine! I am in love with mine & use it every week. It saves on time, messes & waste!

    (use code SHUTTHEFIGUP at checkout for $15 discount + free shipping)

  • Vitamix - $379

    This is one of those “omg I can’t believe you got me this” gifts. Every kitchen needs a vitamix!

  • Berkey Water Filter - $316.35

    Another big ticket gift, but so worth it. Matt got us this last year for the holidays & it’s the gift that just keeps giving! One of the best charcoal water filters you can get. 

  • Vonshef 10-Piece Glass Container Food Storage Set - $24.99

    For that meal prep lover in your life. I love these especially because they’re non-toxic, made of glass with BPA-free lids & the perfect sizes. I use them every single week for my prep!

  • Copper Measuring Cups - $24.95

    I have these & love the look of them!

  • Copper Measuring Spoons - $14.95

    The perfect match to the measuring cups.

  • Healthy Human Reusable Stainless Steel Tumblers & Water Bottles - $19.99-$26.99

    Great gift for anyone! Non-toxic stainless steel beverage holders to help keep drinks cold or hot for hours ‘n hours.

    (use my code JESSFIG10 at checkout for 10% off your Healthy Human orders)

  • Healthy Human Reusable Stainless Steel Straw Travel Kit - $14.99

    Gift the gift of helping save the planet. Comes with 5 straws, a straw cleaner & a cute carrying case! Love mine!

    (use my code JESSFIG10 at checkout for 10% off your Healthy Human orders)

  • Instant Pot - $89.95

    You can literally cook anything in this thing in half the time! Stew, rice, meat, rice, yogurt, you name it. We love ours!

  • Cast Iron Skillets - $4.69-$42.57

    I love our car irons! We have a 12in + a 6.5in & love them both. They are non-toxic, inexpensive & oven-safe!

  • Stasher Bags - $9.99-$48.50

    These bags are great! Reusable, plastic-free, non-toxic storage baggies that can go in the freezer, dishwasher, oven & boiling water. Perfect for eco-friendly food storage & cooking.

  • Vonshef Digital Air-Fryer - $59.99

    Frying something with out a junk-load of oil? Yep, that’s with an air-fryer does! You can literally fry, bake, roast all of your favorites foods in this thing without all the added oils & it tastes just as good! Love these.

  • WoodBrews Custom-Made Boards & Signs - $65-$100

    Handmade custom wood cutting boards, serving boards, bowls, utensils & wall art! My friend & her husband hand-make all of these amazing goods. Perfect personalized gift for anyone!

  • Reversible Prep & Serve Board - $38

    Wood on one side for chopping & marble on the other side for serving! This board is gorgeous.

  • “Droppin’ A New Recipe On Your Ass” Oven Mitt - $9.99

    For that person in your life that loves to cook & is always coming up with new recipes. I NEED!

  • Squeeze & Thank You Cactus Juicer - $14.99

    This little citrus juicer is in the shape of a cactus & so darn cute!

For The Plant-Lover

  • 3-Piece Macrame Plant Holders - $18.99

    Another gift for that crazy plant lady/gent in your life. The cutest! 

  • Celfie Planter - $8

    This planter is so dang cute! Would be the perfect addition to any desk or bedside table.

  • Cactus Enamel Pins - $2.20 each

    Seriously, these pins though! They’re just the cutest & I’m pretty sure I need all of them. For the price you could splurge & buy a different one for each of your friends!

Gifts For The Planner

Hormone Balancing Gifts

  • Food Period Moon Bites Monthly Subscription Box - $73-$75

    (use my code SHUTTHEFIGUP for $15 off your first order!)

    For that women in your life who’s experiencing unwanted period-related symptoms or irregular cycles & searching for a natural nutrient-rich solution. These use bites use the practice of seed cycling to help rebalance hormones! What better than a subscription to something to help your loved one feel her best again!

  • WomanCode by Alisa Vitti - $10.87

    I feel every woman should read this book! Woman unfortunately, aren’t taught enough about our own bodies & are left to navigate our way through this complicated thing on our own. This book is a bible for anyone who has ever struggled with hormone issues. Such a gift!

Bling-Blinging Gifts

  • Cactus Stud Earrings - $5.99

    I’m kind of obsessed with these & the price is amazing! Might just have to buy them for all my friends (& sneak in a pair for myself.)

  • Our Spare Change Cuff, Necklace or Keychain - $22-$40

    These beautiful custom-made pieces are literally crafted out of spare change. I have a skinny cuff & wear it every single day. Such a unique personalized gift for that special someone in your life!

Healthified Boozy Gifts

  • Boochcraft - $8-$12

    This stuff is so good! High alcohol kombucha made with organic cold pressed juices + botanicals. Great gift for the healthy-boozer.

  • 101 Cider - $8.99

    Highly fermented, probiotic, gluten-free, zero-sugar ciders! These ciders are my favorite & you can order them online!

STFU Inspired Gifts

  • Handmade Maca Choco Kit!

    My Maca Choco’s are a healthy spin on hot chocolates or caffeine-free iced lattes. They only require 5 ingredients & are the perfect gift anyone who loves chocolate! It’s full of antioxidants, iron, magnesium & calcium, helps balance hormones, mood, increase energy, as well as promotes skin, hair, joint, & gut health! Would be so cute packaged up in a little basket! Did I mention it’s the best tasting drink, ever?

    What you’ll need:

    Navitas Organics Raw Cacao Powder - $14.24

    Navitas Organics Maca Powder - $7.49

    Monkfruit Sugar - $14.99

    OxNutrition Marine Collagen - $28

    (use code SHUTTHEFIGUP at checkout for $10 off your first order!)

    Glass Mug - $3.95

  • Pecan Pie Bars!

    What’s better than baked goods for the Holiday’s? These bars are straight up addicting! They also happen to be gluten-free, vegan, & paleo. Making them a delicious treat for almost anyone. You will seriously be loved for this one, I promise! Here is the recipe & list of ingredients you’ll need!

Other Gift Ideas

  • Farm Girl Flowers

    In love with this company & have sent many bouquets to friends! They are always so beautifully designed & arranged wrapped in rested burlap coffee bags from their local roasters. The presentation is amazing! Their flowers are ethically grown + support local farms & are insanely fast on delivery! Who doesn’t love a gorgeous bouquet of flowers?!

  • Baked goods

    I understand not everyone has the time, energy, or money to find a recipe, get the expensive ingredients & bake treats for friends ‘n family. Especially around the holidays! But I also believe there isn’t a gift much more thoughtful than the gift of fresh baked goods! That’s where a little help from our friends comes in! Brandless has a handful of amazing baking mixes (GF included) to make gifting baked goods simple & inexpensive. Literally everything is only $3 & quality-sourced. I personally love the GF Lemon Pound Cake & I add dried cranberries to the mix to put my stamp on it! (get $12 off your first order over $39 + free shipping)