Skin care tips + my morning routine

Up until this past year, I never had much of a skincare routine. I was fortunate enough to not struggle with painful acne or skin issues growing up. Though this past year, I started having more hormonal breakouts around my cycle & start seeing some fine lines develop around my eyes + forehead. I thought to myself, “ok, you’re going to be 30 this year Jess! It’s time to start taking care of your skin!”

I have a few close friends who I consider “skincare gurus.” So, I started picking their brains about how to start caring for my skin! With all their advice I was able to slowly start developing a routine that worked for me. What shocked me about my skincare journey most wasn’t how confident I became without make-up, or how my breakouts began to disappear. But how this daily routine opened my eyes up to slowing down & truly caring for myself. There is so much power in something as simple as a skincare routine. The daily practice of valuing myself enough to slow down, look in the mirror & care for my skin has done more for my soul than I ever imagined!

Skincare is now a crucial part of my self-care routine & I can’t imagine a day without it! Below I’m sharing some simple tips & tricks to skincare, as well as my personal morning routine. This post is in partnership with Burt’s Bees.


Skincare Tips

Hydrate- Our skin is one of the clues to hydration. I always notice my lips start to get dry when I haven’t been getting in enough H20. I carry around a 32 oz stainless steel water bottle throughout the day to ensure I’m getting enough hydration.

Detoxify- Setting aside time for a weekly face mask is a great way to rid your skin of impurities, toxins, & clogged pores that can leave your skin looking dull. It’s a great way to slow down & do something for yourself once a week. I just added Burts Bee’s Detoxifying Clay Mask to my collection & am loving it!

Sleep- Getting in our 8 hours is so important for clear, glowing skin. I find having a set time that I get my Z’s in every night helps me feel balanced, as well as helps with the balance of my skin.

Skin Foods - Salmon, avocados, nuts, seeds, sweet potatoes & citrus are all great options to boost your skins glow.

My Morning Routine

Hydrate- 32 oz of room temp water with trace mineral drops to get my digestion going.

Skin hydration- I brush my teeth. Then splash my face with water + spray my face with a hydrating facial mist. This helps wake me up + gives my skin a little pick-me-up! Burt’s Bee’s Hydrating Mist with aloe is one of my favorites!

Movement- Movement is therapy for me in so many way. I always feel my best when I start my day moving my body. My favorite forms of movement are long walks, runs, or megaformer pilates.

Fuel- I start my day with my Maca Choco which is a hormone balancing superfood drink. Then I’ll cook up a nutrient-dense breakfast. During the colder months I will usually have a loaded bowl of oats or quinoa porridge topped with blueberries, nuts, seeds or nut butter. (All great skin foods!) During the warmer months I’ll usually have a green smoothie with dark leafy greens, berries, & collagen topped with coconut, nuts or seeds. (Also, all amazing skin foods!)

Mindfulness- I take 5-10 minutes to journal my intentions & what I’m grateful for that day/meditate. I find this so important to the way my day plays out + my outlook on the way the day is going!

Cleanse- I work from home so could truly stay in my PJs all day. BUT I find starting the day fresh with a shower helps me feel my best! Once in the shower, I wash my face with a cream facial cleanser like this one from Burt’s Bees made with cotton seed extract. Then I will exfoliate gently, if needed. Once out of the shower, I use a toner to prep my skin. Then I will apply a moisturizer + a serum or eye cream. Burt’s Bees has a great Daily Moisturizing Cream without any harsh irritants like added fragrance, parabens, phthalates, or petroleum.

Productivity- After that I’m ready to take on a world of emails & recipe testing!